a touch of calm

Giving yourself a chance to relax is your evolution. 

Evolution Body Treatments

Evolving from one man’s passion from the sea, we introduce you to body treatments that harness the wealth of benefits derived from seaweed. Experience the feeling of wellness and relaxation while our professionals use highly effective products in combination with consultation. Give yourself a moment of calm.



A targeted belly treatment for fat deposits. This lightweight but rich formula along with the Sea Slim Body massage helps to oxygenate tissues for a more defined and firmer silhouette.



Eliminate water retention in the legs, buttocks and arms. This draining treatment tones the skin and leaves limbs feeling lighter with a wealth of sea and land-based ingredients.



The anti-cellulite treatment for buttocks and thights helps improve the skin’s outer appearance. The silky formulas work synergistically with the signature Sea Cell Body Massage, reducing the “orange peel” texture of the skin. 



The gentle formulas help protect delicate tissues while the Sea Cell Sensitive Body Massage helps skin appear more toned and compact.


75 minutes • $100 Per Treatment

Evolution Face Treatments

Simplistic and targeted. The Evolution Face Treatments are backed by science and still prioritize your relaxation.



Anti-ageing treatment designed to slow the signs of time. Lightweight, silky formulas that visibly smooth and firm the skin used in tandem with Evolution Sea Age Face massage, leaving the face radiance and rejuvenated.



Whitening, complextion-evening treatment designed to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by aging and sun damage. Targeted formulas with lightening and illuminating effects used in tandem with Evolution Sea White Face method. Natural active ingredients support the skin's normal pigmentation process. For a more even skin tone, with reduced dark spots. 



Purifying and mattifying treatment for combination, acne-prone skin. The balanced formula contain active ingredients used in tandem with Evolution Sea Impure Face method that target oily and impure skin concerns. The skin is purified, mattified, and left blemish-free.



Mature skin treatment with a Botox-like effect that visibily relaxes the features for a rested and rejuvenated appearance. Concentrated formula used in tandem with Evolution Sea Botox Face method with a rich, soft, non-greasy and fast-absorbing texture. The Botox-like actives reverse teh signs of aging for smoother skin with a more toned and relaxed appearance.


75 minutes • $85 Per Treatment